Web design & digital marketing terms

January 2022

As a (digital) marketer, it’s important to use understandable language as much as possible. In particular for our clients as well as visitors to our website.

OMNIA Web Agency is built around values such as transparency, honesty and providing the necessary information. This means that we cannot avoid using web technical terms that are not always obvious or easy to understand for non-marketers…

We wrote this blog post to introduce you to the most important web design and digital marketing terms. Let’s get started!

“Even though we take all the worries away from our clients, we still give them the chance to know what we’re working on for them.”

Overview of terms list

Below is a list of terms we use throughout our personal conversations and throughout the website.

This will be updated regularly, so that in due course we will have a complete list of all possible terms that you can come into contact with in the digital marketing and web design world.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if any terms are missing or if there are still ambiguities!

Click on the links below to navigate directly to a particular category in the blog post for the terms that interest you most or have questions about.

Web Design

The core of any digital marketing strategy is a professional website with an attractive web design that is optimised for visitor conversion (transforming them into leads/customers) and is technically sound.

That is why at OMNIA Web Agency we always start from a sublime web design, after which we add digital marketing to the mix for best results.

But which technical terms are involved?

Web hosting

Website hosting is provided by a company that has the necessary hardware for this. This hardware in combination with the necessary software ensures that your website can be viewed online. Without web hosting, your website only works “locally” (on one device on which it’s installed).

We only use the best web hosting, which must be renewed monthly. It’s a very reliable service, which means we guarantee fast websites. You can choose this web hosting as part of your CUSTOM Service Package.

Domain name

The domain name of the website is the website address where your website is located. Usually it will contain the name of your company. For example, with us this is https://www.omniawebagency.com.

Domain names must be renewed annually. You can also leave this to us so you don’t have to worry about this.

Responsive web design

This means that a website looks good on any screen. Big, medium, small. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. The design adapts automatically (responsive).

We make sure that all our websites look great on every screen down to the smallest details.


This is the most popular platform to build websites. And for very good reasons. You can read all about it in the separate blog article where you will discover why we build all our websites on this system.

SEO Marketing

SEO is also one of the pillars of a successful digital marketing strategy for us.

We wrote an introduction to SEO marketing in 2020, where you will learn a lot about things like why this is important, what results it can deliver and so on.

But which web technical terms are involved?

Link Building / Backlinks

Any link on an external website pointing to your website is considered a “backlink“. These are signals for Google that help to increase the authority of your website. Each backlink is, as it were, a vote for your website or for your company. The higher the authority of the website that links to you, the better in the eyes of Google.

Building a good  link profile, and all other activities related to this, are referred to as link building. It’s been one of the main ways to get higher rankings for years – and this probably won’t change anytime soon. This is therefore an important part of our SEO Services.


The most well-known places for citations are on websites such as Yellow Pages. But there are thousands of other websites where you can get citations. This is a mention of your name, address and telephone number. A nice bonus is when you can also add a link to your website. This is in fact a very simple extra backlink, which is often very valuable.

We are already working on the quality and development of your citations in our Digital Marketing Campaign.


We all perform Google searches on a daily basis. Right? Each of these searches contains words or phrases that we as digital marketers optimise for, so that we rank higher in the search results. This is the core of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Unlike the use of Google Adwords, which are advertisements, here you NEVER have to pay per click. Suppose you outsource your SEO activities to us, then you pay a fixed amount, which in the long run (could be 3-6 months but can be longer) will give you high rankings in Google.

This ensures visitors which we then convert into more customers and growth for your company.

Rank (tracking)

The higher your website ranks in Google, the better. The top 3 positions get by far the most visitors. We find the most profitable keywords for our clients, after which we track their rankings through various software. We then pour the results into clear reports on a monthly basis, so that we can keep track of the progress perfectly.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Chances are you use at least one social media platform yourself. Maybe even several. You may be using this several times a day, or less.

In any case, there will also be technical terms here that make you wonder what they mean. We go into more detail below.


These terms are only relevant when you choose paid promotion.

  • CPC: Cost Per Click. Of all the people who see your ad, only a small percentage will click on it. This will give you a certain CPC. In other words; how much does each click cost you?
  • CPA: Cost Per Acquisition. This term is even more important. It indicates how much it costs to bring in one customer. It should be low enough so that it gives you a good ROI (Return On Investment).
  • CPC: Cost Per Conversion. Besides the abbreviation being the same as the first term, the meaning is also quite similar. However, it does not always have to be about clicks. This concerns the cost of achieving the desired conversion. This can be subscribing to your newsletter, downloading your e-book, starting a conversation,…

A/B Split testing

In marketing, testing is one of the most important things you can do to get results. By running several ads at the same time, you can see which one gives the best results with your target audience.

You can also do the same for email marketing. You can use a different title for a part of the target group, in order to test which one had the best open rate  (see below).

Lead generation / lead magnet

A lead is a person who in some way shows interest in the products and/or services your company offers. This can be done by requesting a quote, by clicking on your ad or by liking your page.

When a lead goes further in the sales process, they get to know your company and services better, more trust is built and this can eventually lead to a new customer.

A lead magnet is something you give in exchange for contact information, such as an email address or permission to contact him/her via Facebook Messenger. Often this is an e-book, but for local businesses such as contractors, a free quote is a better choice.


Click Through Rate indicates the ratio between the number of people who see your ad (or website link in Google), but do nothing else, and those who do click on it. For example, the first position in Google has a CTR of more than 34% and the first 3 positions get more than 60% of the clicks.


I hope that after reading this article you will have more clarity about these important web design and digital marketing terms.

Do you want to also make your company visible, stronger and more profitable online? Do not hesitate any longer to schedule a free, completely non-binding Strategy Session.