Can I find out what your company needs and offer a solution in 30 minutes?

Free online Srategy Session: The first step to a successful partnership

Dear entrepreneur

Today I'm giving you the chance to book a completely free Strategy Session with me personally. There are no further obligations associated with this.

It's an opportunity to meet (online) for the first time, discuss your biggest challenges and determine in a very short time (30 minutes) how and whether I can help you with this. After this meeting, I will send you a Personal Proposal, if desired.

I started OMNIA Web Agency with a very clear focus: helping SMEs to grow and become stronger using sublime web design and digital marketing. This is my passion. My mission.

Recent years have shown how important an online business transition is for every SME. Whoever decides to leverage this is guaranteed to be stronger. Whatever happens.

You will immediately feel my passion and expertise when we have our first conversation. I am genuinely interested in your company, your goals, challenges and what I can do to help you with this.

I strongly advise you to book a Strategy Session right away. Because it's online, you don't even have to leave your home or office. It's also completely non-binding, and I'll give you advice that works for you, whatever you decide.

Senne Trenson
OMNIA Web Agency
Founder & Mover

"Senne anticipates, brings ideas, takes initiatives that are tailored to my coaching practice. It's fantastic to work with such a professional person. Thank you very much for your input."

- Barbara De Schrijver, Soulbalance Coaching

Here's what the conversation flow will look like:

Your story

My goal is for this session is to PERFECTLY know what Services are most suited for you. To achieve this, I will be fully focused on you. Your questions, challenges, (growth) ambitions,...


Based on your input, I'll give you personal tips regarding web design and digital marketing.


In less than 30 minutes you will know exactly how we can be of service to you and what results are possible. With the help of our website price calculator we put together a tailor-made package (without obligation).


The first step has been taken. What now? We make concrete agreements for the next steps towards a sustainable partnership.

Book your FREE Strategy Session now. I can only schedule a limited number of appointments each week.