More info about Design Studio Soulmade

Design studio Soulmade originated from Rudy Gowy’s love for honest, timeless and idiosyncratic design that is made with a soul. Specifically, it concerns sustainable, contemporary new vintage design objects.

OMNIA Web Agency is responsible for the web design, taking into account the existing corporate identity and specific wishes of the business owner.

This website was launched in early 2019 and has since received some textual updates.

Soulmade enjoys an entry-level CUSTOM Service Package including web hosting, domain name and professional email address.

What does Rudy Gowy have to say about OMNIA Web Agency?

The first version of the website was not 100% as I imagined it. However, Senne listened to my wishes and completely customised the website until it was perfect down to the smallest detail.

For a sole proprietor like myself, I found the price very fair in relation to the hours and time invested in both designing the website and optimising it.

It’s also pleasant to be able to offer a young entrepreneur the opportunity to grow, without having to sacrifice quality. On the contrary. In short, I strongly recommend OMNIA Web Agency.

Are you next?

Design studio Soulmade had a website already. Unfortunately, after a lot of time, money and effort, this one was never quite as desired.

That is why the owner knocked on our door and asked us to design a brand new website.

As can be seen from his testimony, Rudy Gowy is very satisfied with his new company website, the partnership with OMNIA Web Agency and value for money.

Perhaps you already have a website that is not fully optimised, outdated, unattractive,… Or do you not yet have a website for your company? In all cases you can contact us. Make your own price calculation for your new website or book a free Strategy Session so that we can advise you personally.