More info about PRco

PRco was* specialised in the installation of aluminum structures, wooden outbuildings and custom-made wooden chalets. Moreover you could* also contact them for renovation and concrete work.

OMNIA Web Agency was* responsible for the web design, the design of their company logo and the development of the corporate identity.

This website was launched in 2017 and has received some important design updates and technical updates in  2019.

PRco enjoyed* an entry-level CUSTOM Service Package including web hosting, domain name and professional email address.

*PRco has ceased all activities in 2021. As a result, the website was taken offline.

What does Rudy Vandermeeren have to say about OMNIA Web Agency?

OMNIA Web Agency designed my website, in which I had full say and the possibilities were discussed together.

With correct agreements and transparent prices, without surprises.

Thanks to the Service Packages offered, I no longer have to take the site into account; updates, subscriptions and maintenance are included.

Are you next?

Thanks to us, PRco had a very professional online business card to which they could refer their potential customers.

As you can read in their testimonial, the PRco business owners were very satisfied with both their website and the entire collaboration with OMNIA Web Agency.

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