More info about Soulbalance Coaching

Barbara De Schrijver, owner of Soulbalance Coaching, helps you to recognise and transform hindering patterns in your life. She helps you achieve your goals, to be happy (again),…

OMNIA Web Agency is responsible for the web design and the development of the house style. In 2020, together with Barbara, we have put together a digital marketing plan tailored to her business and budget. She is well on her way to achieving her goals.

This website was launched in  2018 and is regularly updated with new content and blog articles.

Soulbalance Coaching enjoys a very complete CUSTOM Service Package including web hosting, domain name, professional e-mail, Website Analytics, monitoring,…

What does Barbara De Schrijver have to say about OMNIA Web Agency?

A website is the business card of your business. It must therefore match your product and what you want to radiate as a company. Senne quickly understood what I needed, what my wishes were. What’s important to me as a client is that I can count on my web designer to make sure my site doesn’t just look good, but also does everything ‘behind the scenes’ to attract people: speed, being visible in search engines, being found on words…

I also want someone I can count on. A word is a word. An appointment is an appointment. Senne kept me in the loop and correctly adhered to the agreements.

I am satisfied with the price/quality ratio, with the contacts, with the speed. In short, I can highly recommend OMNIA Web Agency.

Are you next?

The website of Barbara De Schrijver is more than just an online business card. Thanks to tailored digital marketing efforts, she achieves sublime results. OMNIA Web Agency has become an indispensable link in the growth of Soulbalance Coaching.

Barbara also regularly refers her clients to her website and encourages them to show it to other people who could benefit from her coaching. It’s also a very important factor for her presence on social media.

As you can read in her testimony, the owner of Soulbalance Coaching is very satisfied with both her website and the entire collaboration with OMNIA Web Agency.

What are you waiting for? Check out our services and contact us today. Who knows, you might be the next person whose business we help grow.