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On this page you will discover why social media marketing should not be missing from your digital marketing strategy and which services we offer to support you with this.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

If you want to get more out of your website than just an online business card that you can refer potential customers to, then monthly efforts are needed. Besides maintaining the website “behind the scenes”, you should also actively invest in digital marketing. This is the only way to transform your website into a reliable source of new leads and customers. Any “cost” related to this is actually an investment, with the intention of getting more (value) out of it than what you put in.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM for short) consists of two parts:

  • On the one hand, growing your social media accounts. That means you should post regularly, create interaction with your followers and work actively on increasing your online visibility to reach new customers.
  • On the other hand, reaching more (potential) customers via advertising campaigns. This can be done in many different ways and for achieving all kinds of goals. The intention may be to get more people on your email list, or to get more likes and followers, or to increase your brand awareness,…

A combination of both methods is recommended to achieve the best possible results in a profitable way, both short and long term.

Why are monthly efforts needed?

There are close to 4 billion (!) social media users worldwide. From 2017 until 2022, there has been an increase of 38.5% in the number of users. Although the growth rate may slow down, the number of users will keep going up (source).

Given the huge number of people worldwide who use social media (almost) every day, this is a very important marketing channel to use.

Your target audience is more than likely present on one or more social media. Exactly which these are depends on your niche. You can read more about this below.

To see continuous growth in your reach and results with social media marketing, it is essential that you commit to this on a monthly basis. How intensively you do this and the ratio between “regular” posts and advertisements depends to a large extent on what your competition is doing.

What are our methods?

We offer services to increase your social media reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. These are some of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

During step 3 of our Digital Marketing Campaign, we conduct research on the use of social media by your competitors.

In this phase we also conduct research into which social media your target audience is most present on, regardless of what your competition is doing. We use various handy tools for this.


To guarantee a very personal approach, you always have one and the same contact person with us. He or she has the responsibility of making your partnership with us carefree and to give you the correct advice.

Behind the scenes, our growing Team of experts works together to deliver you the results and growth you want.

Based on the general foundation (see below), we develop a strategy tailored to your questions, goals, needs and budget. You can already contact us from $ 150/month. We are proud of the fact that we also give smaller SMEs and starting entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow.

We are looking forward to meeting you during a FREE and non-binding Strategy Session and discover how we can serve you and your company.

CUSTOM Kickstart Package

What is it?

The Digital Marketing Campaign is designed as the general foundation of every online success strategy of our clients. This does not yet contain the building blocks of every digital marketing form: SEO Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), eMail Marketing, Reputation Marketing.

To add the final building blocks to this, we designed the CUSTOM “Kickstart Package”. In this package we provide the final ingredients that are needed to achieve maximum results when we start the monthly work. The Kickstart Package is of course a one-time (start-up) investment.

What is included?

  • Determine Status Quo*
  • Set Targets*
  • Competitor Analysis*
  • Brainstorming Session & Strategy Development

The Kickstart Package is supplemented with only the Add-On Services that are relevant to your specific Digital Marketing Strategy.

*Included in Digital Marketing Campaign

Custom Price

Custom Price


We offer a nice range of Add-On Services that allow us to provide clients with diverse, good results in the context of their Social Media Marketing. We are happy to provide you with all the details on request, after we have had a FREE and non-binding Strategy Session.

The best digital marketing strategies are those that use a combination of different strategies. During this free introduction, we listen to you to give advice tailored to your company, challenges, goals and needs.

This is free, no-obligation advice that will always be valuable to you – regardless of your decision to work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a reduction?

The answer is yes! We want to reward our Clients for their monthly investment in our Services and their loyalty.

That's why we offer a  fixed reduction:

  • Up to 10% based on the monthly amount.
  • Up to 5% loyalty bonus.

This way you will receive a reduction up to 15% on our Digital Marketing Services!

How about VAT?

If your business is based outside of the EU, no VAT will be applicable. If your business is based within the EU, VAT will be shifted according to regulations. If your business is based in Belgium, you will be charged 21% VAT on top of any amounts mentioned. Please find more details in our Terms and Conditions.

Do I pay for the ads myself?

As part of your monthly invoice, you will see that we charge a “Marketing Credit“. This is the amount that we agree on during the monthly Strategy Call. You don’t have to worry about this, we will take care of the payment to the social media platform. This is an extra service for which we do not charge anything.

Can I lose Marketing Credit?

We may use slightly more or less Marketing Credit than what you paid at the beginning of the month.

If there is unused Credit, it will be carried over to the next month. So you never lose this!

If we have spent more, we will settle this on the next invoice, or we will send you an interim invoice.

Is there a guarantee?

It’s always difficult to guarantee what specific results you can expect in digital marketing. There are many external factors that influence this.

Nevertheless, under certain conditions we offer you a nice guarantee on specific, predefined goals.

Didn’t we achieve this within a period of 6 months from the start of the monthly efforts? Then you can withdraw from the agreement early and/or get part of your money back.

In that case, you get to keep all the posts, page growth and everything we have built for you over that period. This means that you will always see great results and you have nothing to lose.

How long does an agreement last?

You always enter into an agreement for a minimum of 3 months. The agreement is automatically renewed every time, so you don't have to worry about this.

We do, of course, allow exceptions in special circumstances. Flexibility is one of our core values.

Do you want to cancel an agreement? Notify us 3 months in advance, so that we can stop everything and see if we can adjust your strategy if necessary.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible results. The more success you have with our help, the better it is for our reputation and the achievement of our mission and vision.

Every company is different. That's why it's important to be able to test what does or does not work during the first period. The minimum period of 3 months helps to prevent you from stopping prematurely before you can achieve the desired results.

I don't understand all the technical terms

It's quite normal that you don't understand all the terms or know why you need certain things.

That's why we have made an overview of all (technical) terms related to your website and online business strategy.

Read the blog post!

Why choose OMNIA Web Agency?

We realise that there may be a financial barrier for your company to take the step to monthly digital marketing efforts and achieving results is of course essential in order to get a positive return on your investment (ROI).

“For all your digital marketing efforts, OMNIA Web Agency offers a solution tailored to your business. We are committed to delivering measurable results.”

You don't have to take our word for it. The positive reviews and results speak for themselves. We are convinced that we are the right partner in the online growth of your company. Our services are fully focused on increasing YOUR success.

We distinguish ourselves in many areas:

  • Fixed, monthly amounts
  • Personal approach
  • Focus on result
  • Superb service
  • Unprecedented high flexibility and understanding for every situation. We will find a solution that suits you!
  • Passion and specialisation in web design & digital marketing

Plan your free and non-binding Strategy Session and see for yourself.