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We build your website based on a fully personalised package that is tailored to your current (financial) situation, requirements and goals: the CUSTOM WEB Package.

User Friendly

Even today there are too many websites that not only have an unattractive design, but are also very difficult to use (bad UX/UI). At OMNIA Web Agency we guarantee you a website that is logically built with both the end user and maximum conversion (desired results) for the company in mind.

Custom web design,

We look at your wishes together. Do you already have certain ideas? Or do you give us carte blanche? Everything is possible. We offer you a web design tailored to you and your company. The end result is always an attractive and unique design that looks good on all devices and is completely personalised thanks to three revisions.

Focus on speed,

Imagine: you are looking for something, click on a link, and you end up on a very slow loading website. What do you do? You may simply return and look for a competitor who has a fast(er) website. Not only you as a user, but also Google thinks speed is very important.

Loved by Google,

The web design itself is always only part of the work for OMNIA Web Agency. All our websites, without exception, contain basic ingredients for findability in Google (SEO). This way, regardless of budget, you increase your chances of outperforming competitors.

Full Service,

Our mission is to reduce our clients’ worries. If desired, we can take care of all the work during the website development for you. We only need minimal input from your part. Do you want to be able to make certain changes yourself afterwards? That is also possible!


We offer everything you need as an SME to grow your business using the digital world. We give your company an “unfair” advantage over competitors. To achieve this, we combine superb web design with digital marketing. Schedule your free Strategy Session now.


What is it?

Your website is the core of your online business identity. It is the place where you will turn visitors and prospects into customers for your company. It is in many cases the first point of contact and is therefore the ultimate chance to make a good first impression.

And making a good impression is exactly what we can help you with, by developing an attractive, tailor-made and optimised website for your company. Below you will find a summary of everything that is included in each CUSTOM Package.

You also have the choice between 5 Category Upgrades and all Add-On Services that are needed to fully personalise and adapt the website to you and your company.

Not convinced yet? Then discover here the top 10 reasons why every SME needs a professional website.

Would you like to have an affordable, professional website developed by a partner you can count on? Then look no further. Calculate the total price of your website directly via our website price calculator. You are also welcome during a free Strategy Session, so that we can get to know each other and discuss your project (without obligation).

From $ 1 195.00

From $ 1 195.00

What is included?

  • WordPress custom web design: guaranteed completely to your liking
  • Responsive web design
  • User focused (UX/UI)
  • Up to 15 pages**
  • Three revisions
  • Contact section
  • Link to social media
  • Custom 404 page
  • GDPR Compliant
  • BASIC Speed Optimisation*
  • BASIC Digital Marketing*
  • BASIC Website Analysis*
  • BASIC Consultancy*
  • BASIC Security*
  • CUSTOM Payment Plan (no additional cost)
  • Brainstorming session
  • OMNIA App Access
  • Follow website during development
  • Extensive listing in our portfolio
  • In combo with CUSTOM Service Package

*Upgrade to ADVANCED or PRO possible for every category.
**Industry standard is only 5 pages!


Below you will find an overview of some popular options that you can choose in combination with your CUSTOM MINI WEB Package.

Extra Functionalities

Price on request (per project)

Photo Sourcing

$ 245.00/50 photos

Hourly Rate

$ 55.00/hour

Update Service Bundle (18 months)

  • 2h: $ 107.25 (2.5% reduction)
  • 5h: $ 261.25 (5% reduction)
  • 10h: $ 508.75 (7.5% reduction)
  • 15h: $ 742.50 (10% reduction)
  • 20h: $ 962.50 (12.5% reduction)
  • +20h: 15% reduction

Content Writing

$ 0.15/word

Logo Design

$ 245.00

Full Graphic Design

$ 395.00 (estimate)

WP Consultancy

  • Price: $ 245.00
  • (max) 3 hours live explanation
  • Manual/Videos with instructions
  • Manage your own photos/content
  • Write blog posts (via template)
  • How to optimise content

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a reduction?
We are convinced that we charge a fair price for each of our Services. That is why we do not “just” give a reduction.

However, a reduction is possible in specific cases.

If you have an existing website, we will give you a reduction based on the extent to which we can use the existing website for the development of the new one (e.g. in terms of structure, texts, overall design). This will be between $ 100.00 – $ 200.00.

Secondly, as a way to encourage you to invest in digital marketing efforts, you will get a special reduction when you upgrade to PRO Digital Marketing. You will receive this reduction in the form of Credits which you can use towards your chosen Digital Marketing Services (calculated after the final WEB Package Invoice).

How about VAT?

If your business is based outside of the EU, no VAT will be applicable. If your business is based within the EU, VAT will be shifted according to regulations. If your business is based in Belgium, you will be charged 21% VAT on top of any amounts mentioned. Please find more details in our Terms and Conditions.

What are the yearly costs?
Along with your CUSTOM Web Package, we always include a CUSTOM Service Package. This starts from as low as $ 95.00 per year and can increase depending on which Category Upgrades you have chosen and any Add-On Services added to your WEB Package.

The choice is yours whether you pay the Service Package on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What is expected from the client?

This depends on whether or not you opt for certain Full Service options, such as copywriting and photo sourcing for your website or graphic design for your business.

No need for these options? Then we expect you to deliver all necessary content ASAP. This is key to a fluent partnership and to be able to design your website within the agreed upon timeframe. Content and images are essential to the overall structure and design of any website. We will build the design around the content, so the sooner we receive the necessary information and content, the better we can work on your project.
Do you outsource to us? Then we will only require a minimal effort from your end. We can write professional content, source relevant online images for your business and anything else that's needed. You don't need to worry about it.

Can I upgrade my WEB Package later?

If you don’t need certain Upgrades now, you can add them later if your situation should change.

Keep in mind that the rates will then be a lot higher. We keep everything as low as possible during the initial development of the website. If we have to make upgrades afterwards,  this often takes a lot more work to complete.

So think carefully before you decide. You can easily and quickly create an online price calculation and request a personal conversation afterwards (Strategy Session). We will look at everything together and will advise you further.

How long does a project take?

The complete development of a custom website, from start to finish, takes a lot of time. We take into account a minimum of 50-60 working hours. This is purely for designing your website and optimising the pages, excluding revisions.

Of course, we also have to take into account that not all this work can be done sequentially. Smooth communication between you and us and the smooth delivery of all necessary information, images, texts, etc. are very important aspects to be able to complete your web project faster. Please take into account a minimum of 4 weeks before a first version of the website is ready and 6-8 weeks before we can launch the website. The total duration can be a bit longer if you have chosen the Digital Marketing Campaign as this will take a total of around 4 weeks, divided throughout the web design project.

I don't understand all the technical terms

It is quite normal that you do not understand all the terms or know why you exactly need things like web hosting, a domain name, a CDN, professional mailbox,....

That's why we have made an overview of all (technical) terms related to your website and online business strategy.

Read the blog post!

Why choose OMNIA Web Agency?

We understand that choosing a partner for your website and digital marketing is a difficult and very important choice. However, for us there is no doubt.

"Do you want a professional partner for your website and digital marketing? OMNIA Web Agency is the only right choice!"

A quick look at our Portfolio is enough to show you why you don't have to look any further. Our websites are unique, attractive, easy to use and adapted to any house style.

We also have  5 star reviews and results that support this.

We further strengthen our position thanks to our unique range of services that are always focused on YOUR success.

We distinguish ourselves in many areas:

  • Affordable, transparent pricing
  • 15 pages included as standard (unique in the industry)
  • Always custom, responsive web design
  • Very high flexibility - Together we will look for a solution that suits you!
  • Specialisation in web design & digital marketing
  • ...

Schedule a free and non-binding Strategy Session so that we can discuss your project. Or calculate the price yourself via our website calculator.